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FOB (an odd name) is a site run by and dedicated to the colleagues, friends, family, etc. of Bart Massey. I hope you enjoy it.

Back up after 7 months! Now with Drupal 7!

OK, I finally got motivated to revive FOB. I have things I want to do here. I have upgraded the site to Drupal 7. Over the various upgrades a lot of stuff has got slightly munged and mangled.

I'm not really a Happy Drupal Camper right now, but I finally decided that it was better to be back up on a currently-supported version of Drupal than stalling around trying to figure out some unlikely "grand plan" for migrating away from Drupal altogether.

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FOB Cow from Disney's Steamboat Willie. Thanks to cartoonreviewsite.com for the capture, and to my wife for tracking it down.

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