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Finally Starting To Control the Spammers? No

I really want to turn anonymous comments back on. Unfortunately, the spammers still hit me with many new (blocked) accounts per day. I'm pretty sure that if I turned anonymous comments on, even with CAPTCHA, I'd be immediately spammed into the ground.

I am not currently particularly inspired about a solution. It's really frustrating. If anybody has any great ideas, I'd be happy to hear them. Fob


I was just Microsoft!

I found out a few days ago that my brother gets literally 1000 spams a day. I was kind of shocked. My two email accounts (which aggregate perhaps 10 different forwarders) probably get a total of 20-40 spams per day. Suddenly that doesn't seem so bad.

Goodbye, Bigfoot

A long time ago (maybe 12 years, maybe more?) I signed up with a startup called, which promised free email forwarding for life. I started to use that as my primary email, since I was moving around a lot. Turns out they lied—they closed my account after a couple of years, saying in effect "what are you going to do, sue us?" They were right, I wasn't going to. So I moved my email to


Wiki spammers are the lowest of the low

Several really productive people spent most of their day today cleaning up porn link spam at the various PSU CS wikis…

Apparently, the separate password mechanism I'd put in place several years ago to keep random users from creating MoinMoin accounts had gotten purged in an upgrade a while back; none of us had done anything about it.


META: New Drupal, new captchas, new worries

Perhaps I've squashed the spammers at FOB for the moment…

I've upgraded Drupal to the latest released version, 4.6.5, freeing it up from tracking Debian in the process (for better or worse). That permitted me to install the Drupal captcha module, to try to protect against anonymous comment spam.


Evil spammers screw up my site again

I'm afraid I've once again turned off anonymous commenting on this site. (Actually, Josh Triplett did the turn-off and clean-up. Thanks hugely, Josh!)

Apparently some poker site spammers flooded FOB with garbage this evening. As a result, I can't really take anonymous comments anymore.


META: May all spammers get involuntary facial tatoos advertising embarrassing personal hygiene products

Excellent. I've got a total of about 10 legitimate outside comments over the whole time this blog has been up. A few weeks ago, I made it possible to comment anonymously. Today, some pathetic excuse for a human being spammed advertising comments onto the head entry on the site 4 times. So it's spammers 4, good folks 10. Could be worse, I guess…

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