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System and network administration

Windows sucks

My wife and boy hated it when I moved them to Linux a while back. I finally gave up and moved them back to Windows XP this Christmas. It was a fresh installation of XP SP2 on some new hardware with all the antivirus and antispyware and firewall stuff set up, Firefox for web, and Thunderbird for email.

Got eaten yesterday, probably by a virus. Four months of normal use, start to finish.

Why does anyone put up with this nonsense? Fob


My hard drive was stuck

This morning I went to grab my backup drive from the machine room. You may recall that I have offsite backups via a pair of drives that I swap between home and work periodically.

I unplugged the drive cables and grabbed the drive to take off with it—but it was still kind of stuck in the pile of cables under my desk. I wiggled it around to try to get it untangled, but it wouldn't really let go.

Then I looked down, and realized the drive was not attached to anything. I thought about it for a moment, wiggled it a bit…


All my Drupal sites are now at 5.5

Of course, no sooner did I upgrade to Drupal 5.3 than 5.4 and 5.5 immediately came out. I stalled around a while, but I've finally got my sites updated. Running Debian's Drupal bits really did help. Fob
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That wacky theme

If you select the "fobtest" theme from the box on the left of this site as I write (although it may not be by the time you read this), your eyes will be assaulted. Red-on-pink, with a red spray-painted logo. It looks like a joke, and it is. But more than that, it isn't supposed to be here…


All my Drupal sites are now at 5.3

This site and every other Drupal site I administer are now at Drupal version 5.3, as packaged by Debian.

Getting there was a royal pain in the neck that took me the better part of 2.5 days. However, along the way, I de-crufted some stuff that needed de-crufting, and killed some sites that needed killing; hopefully the next time it will be a lot quicker, especially with Debian doing some of the upgrade work now.

Please let me know if you see any problems or have any suggestions…

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HOWTO: Debian + Drupal upgrade

I always forget to take notes when I do a Drupal upgrade. This blog entry will be my notes for this upgrade of my home boxes. I will use it in turn to upgrade FOB, and then hopefully use it again when it's time to upgrade again in the future…


I'm moving my backups to JFS

The ext3 filesystem ate one of my backup drives this weekend, for about the fourth time. To be more exact, the ext3 filesystem on my backup drive got corrupted at least a little bit, and then fsck.ext3 ate the filesystem. So I thought about how I wanted to proceed, and came to the conclusion that it was time to try a new filesystem…

(Does anybody know an authoritative source for the story I once heard/saw that "fsck" is a backronym / rename of the original, more colorfully named BSD filesystem checking utility, done when somebody tried to ship it? In any case…)



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