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Project Resolution

Stuff about bart's blog.

Daily checklisting

I've been running a daily checklist since the start of the year. I currently have 14 daily items plus a few weekly ones on it. I'm using To.Do on Android as my tool. It's kind of weak, but it turns out to be good enough to do its job.

Here's my notes to myself on what seems to be working vs not working with checklisting. Take it for what you will… * A good checklist item is something you should do every day, and usually do, but occasionally forget or neglect. A checklist item is a reminder and a mild stimulus.


Some more ground rules for the new blogging

In my last entry I mentioned that I'm going to try to blog every day. I also mentioned a couple of exceptions: might do a podcast instead, might work on art or music instead. Here's a couple more exceptions:

  • Comments of over 200 words posted on a public site like Facebook count as my day's blogging. I'll repost here, post here instead and/or post a link if the comment makes sense out of context. Otherwise you'll just have to dig it out if you want it.


Project Resolution: Regular blogging begins again

So I've got a New Year's Resolution. A Resolution started (and titled) this blog, lo so many years ago, but over the years I've abandoned regular blogging. I'm hoping that my new New Year's Resolution will cause me to pick it up—and keep it up—again…


Now with more Twitter!

Sometime back in Movember I got the last working auto-Twitter of one of my blog entries. Twitter moved to OAuth, and I didn't update my Drupal5 installation to match.


Still alive, still blogging

I haven't blogged for quite a long time now. I've been crazy busy. In particular, I've really let an old friend and client down by not finishing a report that was due one hell of a long time ago, and I sort of can't justify writing a lot here until that gets done.

So really, I'll only be posting here when it seems urgent, for a while longer. Once I catch stuff up again, I'll start posting more routinely again.

Wish me luck. Fob


META: Clearing my backlog

I was just digging through my stuff, and it turns out I have no less than six unpublished blog posts sitting around. Of these, one should be published on my private blog instead of here, and one or two might not be of interest at this point.

I will finish and post the remainder here shortly. Hopefully this will give me some initiative to get my post rate up.

Enjoy. Fob


META: Solved: The case of the vanishing entries

I finally figured out why my half-written blog entries keep vanishing. Apparently, the default action for ^W in Iceweasel is to close the current tab. This appears to be true even if the current keyboard focus is in a text edit box…

I guess this would be because the Iceweasel folks hate us old-school, keyboard-driven types. I keep turning emacs-style text editing for Iceweasel back on, but it seems to keep getting turned back off with upgrades.


META: A stupid reason to stop blogging

The few of you who care may have noticed that I stopped blogging some time ago. There were several reasons for this, but perhaps the most important was a really stupid one…

You see, the thing is, I generally have a lot of uncompleted tasks. I'm one of those lame folks who takes on many more and much larger projects than they can reasonably finish. I feel guilty about this, of course, but it doesn't seem to slow me down much or often.


META: Two blog posts per week

Looks like the best pace I'll be able to sustain for this blog for now is 2-3 posts per week. I'll promise two (with the usual caveats about counting anonymous blog and private journal entries) and we'll see how it goes.

My apologies. Fob


META: Captchas Repaired

Just a brief apology for the recent failure of the captchas on my blog to display any text. Sad A combination of a system administration screwup and a Drupal captcha module bug produced this effect. I'm sorry—I'll bet that was really disconcerting. Fob



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