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Jamey's comic list and Comic Alert!

My student and friend Jamey Sharp is a long-time intense webcomics afficionado. I got sucked in, as I so often do...


Everything happens at once...

Boy, things have been busy the last couple of months, weeks, days... Thus, I have not been updating FOB so regularly, and probably won't be for a while. But I thought I ought to drop a brief note mentioning some of what's happening, at least...


The Perry Bible Fellowship

Ran across this webcomic when it was nominated for an award this year. I'm not sure what to make of it. Amazing art, and really nice 4-panel storytelling, but very sick-n-twisted a lot of the time, and always kind of dark. Still, some of his strips are pretty nice.

Actually, reading the bio just now, I find out that the Portland Mercury actually publishes it. So you may already be reading it. Oh well.



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