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My current webcomic list

It's been a while since I posted my current webcomic list, and there have been some changes in the scenery since then, so here's my updated list. Enjoy…

This list is sort of most-to-least-frequent updates and mostly-alphabetic order. It is missing a few strips that I either am embarrassed about or am dropping. The links were done very fast, and may be inaccurate; use Google if there's trouble.


Piperka is good enough…

I am still lamenting the demise of Comic Alert!. I still want to get an open source peering comic tracker out there. In the meantime, some friends pointed me at Piperka with the comment that it's "good enough". Having tried it, I must agree with both the letter and the spirit of that sentiment…


Webcomics: turn, turn, turn

Evolution is impossible unless things die. Sadly, however, my webcomics seem to be doing a lot of evolving lately…

Happily, Pinch of the Glass is not ending. Andy has just finished Volume 1, however, and is on to Volume 2. If you haven't read Pinch yet, this would be a good time to go catch up. Pinch may be my favorite webcomic; good solid writing with a nice sense of ironic humor, and absolutely spectacular art in a unique style.


Arthur, King of Time and Space

OK, so I got hooked. Curse you, Eric Burns!

Paul "must copy and paste the last name" Gadzikowski's webcomic Arthur, King of Time and Space has been running 365 days a year for the past 829 days. That's pretty cool…

It was a strip in which he brought the puns that really convinced me to give it a chance. It's definitely an acquired taste, but by 30 strips in, I was hooked. I caught up the entire archive. It's competently drawn. It's competently written.


Valley of the Canadians

If I recall correctly, it was Ryan North over at Dinosaur Comics who pointed out the other day that For Better or For Worse online now has a new feature: creepy blinking eyes. I too find the effect highly "Uncanny Valley"—of all the things I miss about animation in my webcomics, I don't think blinking eyes was ever on my list.



If you want to know when I gave up on Narbonic, it was at the 6th page of MadLibs

Narbonic is a webcomic that has won a number of awards, and that many folks who know webcomics speak highly of. In particular Websnark's Eric Burns counts it as one of the best comics on the web.


In which I come around on OotS

OK, I'm now quite enjoying The Order of the Stick.

The first couple of times I tried it, I just couldn't get past the art. It's so…sticky. But as I read more webcomics, I think my art-style tolerance may be growing. Further, the writing is quite good, and I find the genre highly amusing.


Multiverse Syndrome

Eric Burns and Wednesday White's Websnark is the premier comic commentary site (though currently in partial hiatus). Look there for extensive discussion of "Cerberus Syndrome" and "First and Ten Syndrome". The observation that many light comics suddenly change direction for the darker and more serious, after a while, is astute and not original with me. Events recently in Dominic Deegan, however, have inspired me to speak up on the topic…


Webcomics Tracking

Go figure. Of the things I've blogged this round, the one generating the most interesting and intense conversation over the last couple of days has been a little sentence-fragment bullet item in my whiny little to-do list post. "A webcomics aggregator / feed thing." That was my whole pitch.

Apparently I hit a nerve. When a geek hits a nerve, they poke at it…

Here's what I want. Maybe it already exists. If not, maybe I can talk someone into building it for me. Or at least building it with me.



Um, hello? I am still unsure what this is, some kind of blog? This is how bad I am at this sort of thing. I've never done anything bloggy before, my girlfriend once tried to get me to do a livejournal but I told her it would be sollipsistic and banal. I mean come on, most of those journal things are the pubescent rantings of 14 year olds right? Yeah?

Anyway, before I start to tangent into which Backstreet Boy has the dreamiest eyes or how no one understands my beautiful unique soul, I am having trouble with my page's tagboard, which causes popups, and dunno what to do about it. So Bart, you seem to know a bit about pages right? I saw your forum post and will take you up on that offer of help if you have any ideas. And hey, if you want some graphics or pictures or whatnot in return that would be fine, pictures I can understand tagboards make me confused and disoriented.

I don't even know if I'm putting this in the right place... all I know is I'm writing inside a big white box. Ummm, there's words around the box.... and something about "plain old text" underneath which frankly is bloody cheeky because I think my text has a certain style and suaveness if you don't mind. Anyways, I'll post it and see what happens, can't hurt right?



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