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My webcomics list again

It's been four years since I did my last report on my webcomics list. Four years! I had no idea.

Fortunately, this time I had a scraping script for Piperka more-or-less (less) in place, so it wasn't too much work for me to edit it and bring it over here. Without further ado, my webcomics list…


Naked Justice

The Stumptown Comic Festival this year was 27-28 April 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. I flew in from Germany late on the 27th, so I got to go to Stumptown on the 28th—my birthday. It was, as always, huge fun.



Ryan North has perfectly captured my feelings about Monopoly™. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time.

Just sayin'. Fob


Instant Graphic Novel

In 2009, at the Stumptown Comic Festival, I participated in something called the "Instant Graphic Novel" exercise. "Instant" is a bit of a misnomer here: it took about 2 hours. The 15 or 20 participants settled on a genre, story arc, and characters, with the help of the coordinator who provided genre descriptions and character models to choose from. Then each participant selected a page of the storyboard to work on.


HOWTO: Rotated Halftones in Inkscape

There are a few good tutorials on the web about how to get a (mediocre) halftone screen in Inkscape (1, 2). (The GIMP, by contrast, has a special halftoning plugin that does a nice job. I wish that Inkscape had one of those.)

One thing that none of these tutorials tell you is how to rotate the halftone screen. This turns out to be important, since unrotated screens of different colors do not overlay well.

In this tutorial, I summarize the basic technique for halftoning in Inkscape, and suggest a way to do rotation…


Wandering Ones again

A conversation with a skilled artist friend of mine with a solid grounding in anatomy brought to mind a webcomic I used to read back in the day. Clint Hollingsworth's The Wandering Ones is a post-apocalyptic comic set in the Pacific Northwest that frames a sci-fi and mystical story with a detailed discussion of outdoor skills. Sweet. It's also one of the longer-running webcomics, with continuous updates several times a week since April 2000. Also sweet…


You had me back, but you lost me again: Schlock Mercenary

I previously dropped Schlock Mercenary from my webcomics list. However, the story arc involving Piebald ended and I really missed the big color Sunday strips, so I tried it again for a while…


My current webcomics

It's been a while since I last posted my webcomics list. A friend asked me to update it, so here it is. The order is very roughly the order in which I'd be willing to stop reading the strips, but I wouldn't rely on it…


You had me but you lost me: Schlock Mercenary

The webcomic Schlock Mercenary has evolved over a period of many years into one of the most professionally drawn and produced in the genre. Creator Howard Tayler is famous for his punctuality and hard work, and for turning out a consistently great product…


My latest webcomics list

It's been a few months since I posted my current webcomic list; I've added quite a few things as I've settled into using Piperka to track my comics. I think my favorite still has to be Pinch of the Glass—the current storyline is awesome and the art tends toward luminously beautiful…



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