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Things to do for fun.

There is no good pedal

As I noted earlier, I am looking for an electronic piano sustain pedal with a polarity switch and some kind of anti-skate. They don't exist. It's quite perturbing, actually. There's only about 5 pedals on the market that are not just foot switches, and all of them are either unipolar or just poorly made. Tomorrow I plan to re-buy a Roland DP-10 that I already returned once, and mod it using hints from the interwebs to add a polarity switch. Whee. Fob


Portland is a very small town

Went into the IPRC today to register for Raiders of the Lost Archives. While I was there, I took a look at the 20K+ 'zine library in question. About the third 'zine I picked up was by local artist and software engineer Shu-Ju Wang, who was my coworker at Tektronix TV Measurement in the 1980s. I still see her husband Mike Coleman, my boss from that era, occasionally at local events. Portland is a very small town.


Almost Understands GPS

The new TV series Almost Human deserves a full review. I'll get there eventually. In the meantime, one anecdote… (mild spoiler alert)


HOWTO: Infuse Gin In 36 Hours

Herein, I describe all my "secrets" of infusing off-the-shelf vodka to make gin in 36 hours…


I think the gym may be one thing too many

One of the points of keeping a daily checklist, a to-do list and a calendar was to track my progress in meeting the various milestones of the month. Most of them I've kept up pretty well with. The one that is failing is "daily exercise". While the weather was nice out, I was happy to be out in it walking: I walked 3.5 hours on Saturday and 2.5 hours on Sunday. However, with the rain setting in for the long haul (looks like through next Monday at least) the obvious place to get exercise is at the gym, which I went to a lot of trouble to sign up for in December.


Download *whole albums* via Amazon Cloud Player on Linux has a reasonably-priced, reasonably-convenient music store. So I've bought a lot of things from it. Like everyone else on the planet with a Linux box, however, I find Amazon's refusal to just give me a freakin' zipball of the MP3s from my album completely and insanely obnoxious. I understand, Amazon—you want me to install your POS downloader spamware. Not going to happen, even if you could be bothered to build it for my platform.


How I Almost Donated $50 To Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the greatest projects ever. I was really sad to read the obituary of its founder when I went to grab a giant pile of Sherlock Holmes just now. I was moved to donate $50, which is about what I can afford, and far less than it is worth.


Google eBookstore fail

I purchased a book from the Google eBookstore today. Boy, I'll never do that again… I was scrounging around for books to take on an upcoming trip, and found a book in the Google eBookstore that seemed workable, so I decided to buy it and put it on my Nook ST. Thus began a journey of many steps, most of them unpleasant:

  1. Get signed up to buy a Google eBook. A bunch of cruft here, but eventually got through Google Checkout.

  2. Actually purchase the eBook. That step, unsurprisingly, was rather easy.


"Better than Tolkien"

I've looking for fantasy to read on an upcoming trip, so I Googled "all-time best fantasy" just now. I carefully inspected eight different lists: specifically all the relevant lists in the first page of search results. Of those eight lists, six were trash. Here's a meta-review…


Trust in web services - or - Why I'm quitting WoW

Here's the deal—I've trusted Blizzard Entertainment. Enough trust to invest $15/month of my money, and more recently $30/month, for a year. More importantly, enough to invest many, many hours of my time. Blizzard, meanwhile, hasn't done a single thing that I've noticed to earn that trust. It's time for me to stop now…



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