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Xbox 360 Handheld?

My friend T.J. told me that there were Xbox 360 Hand held videos on Youtube. So I checked it out and some people think Microsoft is coming out with, Xbox 360 Hand held. I checked the Xbox website, didn't say a thing. If you google "Xbox 360 Hand held" you will see that there are so many websites with rumors about the Xbox 360 Hand held!! If you know anything please comment what you know about the Xbox 360 Hand held.


Won a poker tournament yesterday

I won a poker tournament last night. It wasn't a big tournament: 20 people playing at an American Legion Hall in North Portland, with the rake mostly going to charity. $20 buy-in, with payouts of $225/$125/$75. By the time I bought a round of drinks and threw in some charity money, I came home with about $150…


ANSWERS: Antonyms

Here's the answers to antonyms:

  1. antonym :: synonym
  2. arcane :: mundane
  3. aristocratic :: plebian
  4. coerce :: entreat
  5. embrace :: abjure
  6. exacerbate :: ameliorate
  7. exotic :: quotidian
  8. sostenuto :: staccato
  9. reduce :: oxidize
  10. materialize :: dematerialize

Explanations available on request. Fob


Antonyms: a little word puzzle

I keep wanting to blog about my latest tiny piece of software, but I keep having one more bug or feature.

So instead, I've cooked up this little word game. Tell me what you think of it…


Review: Minimus

Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary posted a pointer to the Ad Astra pencil-and-paper roleplaying game Minimus today. The schtick of Minimus is that it attempt to define a complete, playable RPG on one side of one sheet of paper. The game is being sold as $2 voluntary donation-ware.



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