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Coin War

Coin War is a simple game of my own invention, for two players…


You had me and you lost me: Ingress

In the past I've had a lot of fun playing Ingress. The game has horrible design problems, but it is nonetheless the premiere alternate reality geogame due to its massive worldwide scope. It was fun to drive and walk around wherever I was and visit portals (and kill them, don't get me started), and for a while it was fun to hang out with the Ingress folks and meet new people. Then stuff started to happen…


OK, I found the most addictive game ever

The most addictive game ever is a web-based clicker game whose name I'm not telling or you'll do what I did. Guess where I've spent much of the last 24 hours? Craziness. Never again. Fob


REVIEW: Gone Home (spoilers)

My son and I both finished the video game Gone Home in the last couple of days. Well, my boy helped me a bit to finish it.

Why did Ben and I buy Gone Home? It's a good question: the game is not either of our usual style. What it comes down to is that Steam made it available crazy cheap during their Winter Sale, and it got good reviews.

Bottom line: we're both glad we paid a couple of bucks and put in a couple of hours. Ben liked it a bit more than I did.


My Inform 7 Projects

It's no secret that I'm heavy into Inform 7. I think it's a work of genius, albeit with all the quirks therein implied. I have a bunch of Inform 7 projects right now. If somebody wanted to pick up and help with one or more of them, that would be pretty cool. Otherwise, I'll knock them all off before I am called home—Lord willing. Here's the projects I can think of offhand, and their status… There are two basic kinds of Inform 7 that I write: infrastructure including libraries and the like, and outright games.


The Netrunner's Guide To Social Engineering

The attached paper describes optimal play for the Netrunner card Social Engineering. Netrunner is a Collectible Card Game that has been out of print for around 10 years. Remarkably, there is still an active community of people playing the game and creating new cards.



Ryan North has perfectly captured my feelings about Monopoly™. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time.

Just sayin'. Fob


"Watson -- come here -- I want to see you."

There was a nice Discover Magazine article Monday on the IBM Jeopardy-playing computer Watson. The author was kind enough to interview me and quote me extensively and accurately on the topic; I thought the piece as a whole was quite well written and extremely informative.


Trust in web services - or - Why I'm quitting WoW

Here's the deal—I've trusted Blizzard Entertainment. Enough trust to invest $15/month of my money, and more recently $30/month, for a year. More importantly, enough to invest many, many hours of my time. Blizzard, meanwhile, hasn't done a single thing that I've noticed to earn that trust. It's time for me to stop now…


Jigsaw puzzle solving

I got involved in a Facebook conversation with a friend from HS about jigsaw puzzle solving. I hate to post long comments on Facebook where I'll never find them again, so here's my take on this. Enjoy…



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