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Art projects and principles

Portland is a very small town

Went into the IPRC today to register for Raiders of the Lost Archives. While I was there, I took a look at the 20K+ 'zine library in question. About the third 'zine I picked up was by local artist and software engineer Shu-Ju Wang, who was my coworker at Tektronix TV Measurement in the 1980s. I still see her husband Mike Coleman, my boss from that era, occasionally at local events. Portland is a very small town.


SVG text vertical alignment

In a previous post I talked about my project with Dunbar Aitkens to create Glass Plate Game markers. I am using Python to directly generate SVG for this project. Mostly, this has worked exceptionally well. There is one place, however, where SVG has caused me grief…


RECIPE: Health-Nutallica

(Yes, we know what it's really called, but who wants to dilute any trademarks?)

This has become my go-to treat in the last day or two. It's not that healthy, but way better than Nutella™ or other similar heavily-sweetened chocolate peanut spreads:

2 tbsp almond butter
2 tsp unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Mix well in a small bowl. Serves 1-2.

Trader Joe's has cheap almond butter with a lot of oil and very finely ground—this is what you want if you can get it.


Glass Plate Game markers again

Yesterday I talked about my attempt to generate SVG to make PDF suitable for laser cutting Glass Plate Game markers. Today, I tried out the PDFs I had generated. After deleting the Haskell generator as a distraction, and fixing a few bugs in the Python generator, I ended up cutting some number markers. Here's what the result looked like, plus or minus photographic oddities:

There are several things worth noting about this…


My Inform 7 Projects

It's no secret that I'm heavy into Inform 7. I think it's a work of genius, albeit with all the quirks therein implied. I have a bunch of Inform 7 projects right now. If somebody wanted to pick up and help with one or more of them, that would be pretty cool. Otherwise, I'll knock them all off before I am called home—Lord willing. Here's the projects I can think of offhand, and their status… There are two basic kinds of Inform 7 that I write: infrastructure including libraries and the like, and outright games.


Naked Justice

The Stumptown Comic Festival this year was 27-28 April 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. I flew in from Germany late on the 27th, so I got to go to Stumptown on the 28th—my birthday. It was, as always, huge fun.


How I Almost Donated $50 To Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the greatest projects ever. I was really sad to read the obituary of its founder when I went to grab a giant pile of Sherlock Holmes just now. I was moved to donate $50, which is about what I can afford, and far less than it is worth.


"Better than Tolkien"

I've looking for fantasy to read on an upcoming trip, so I Googled "all-time best fantasy" just now. I carefully inspected eight different lists: specifically all the relevant lists in the first page of search results. Of those eight lists, six were trash. Here's a meta-review…


Instant Graphic Novel

In 2009, at the Stumptown Comic Festival, I participated in something called the "Instant Graphic Novel" exercise. "Instant" is a bit of a misnomer here: it took about 2 hours. The 15 or 20 participants settled on a genre, story arc, and characters, with the help of the coordinator who provided genre descriptions and character models to choose from. Then each participant selected a page of the storyboard to work on.


I am a musical legend

I ran into this download link in Google by accident just now, and for some reason it cracked me up. Yes, you can now get The Finite Automata Song off my blog through a music download service. Go me!

Looking at that link on my blog made me sad, though. I miss my brother so much. Fob



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