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Xorg and DPI

So I decided, because reasons, that I wanted the PDF display application evince to display at actual size on my screen. This should be straightforward, as my monitor is correctly telling Xorg, when asked during EDID, its physical height and width in millimeters when displaying in maximal resolution mode. Thus, it would seem to be a simple matter to for Xorg to take this default physical size and resolution and use it to calculate a DPI value for applications such as evince to use.


Why cut-copy-paste is hard

[This note is primarily a response to a recent LWN thread. I'm posting it here because it got a bit long for a discussion forum.]

Several years ago, I joined the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors. One of my campaign pledges was to organize a project to finally "fix" X cut-copy-paste (CCP).

It has long been acknowledged by anyone paying attention that the user experience around CCP on the X desktop is horrible (although it has improved a bit in the last couple of years). I'm smart, I could fix it, right?

Uh, no. Here's some reasons why CCP is hard, especially on X…


More evidence that Linus Torvalds is smarter than me

I switched my home desktop from KDE to Gnome today. I guess I should have done it many months ago, but it took me this long to reach the necessary pain threshold. I had been a KDE user for many years. (Prior to that I was a twm user, which should give you some idea.) Thus, I had set up a bit of infrastructure around KDE and gotten used to working with it. This switch was a big deal to me, and not in a good way…


#$@! X Cut-and-Paste

So my 8-year-old boy got all excited about PowerPoint, of all things, at school yesterday. He and his friends were using it to make single pages with cool typographic text and images pasted from off the web. He came home and wanted to do the same on our Linux box, so I set him up with Open Office Impress, which worked great for him, except

X.Org Foundation Board election

Nominations for the X.Org Foundation Board election are open through December 1. I've attached the announcement. If you our someone you know are involved in the development of the X Window System, and want to help with its organizational aspect, nominations are welcome…


Linux Plumbers Conference

We are holding a Linux Plumbers Conference [excuse the broken hyphenation] here in Portland a little less than a year from today. It should be a really nice event…


Dev environment for Linux GUI app?

I want to build a personal time planner app that runs on my Linux box. I have some ideas for how I want it to look and work that I think will make it nice, at least for me.

Unfortunately, my choices of development environment and toolset for building this app are not so attractive…

It looks like my choices are


My X Toolkit Plan

For a long time, I've been threatening to "work up the stack" from XCB. Indeed, this is behind many XCB design decisions. I want to eventually build apps on top of a framework designed bottom-up in a flexible manner.

This blog post describes my medium terms in this direction. By the way, this is a pretty different plan from what it was two months ago. This may mean that it's also different from what I'll eventually actually do. My mileage may vary…


More Controls, Please!

While I was at Microsoft last week, I was using my laptop as my computing platform, and using it pretty much 18 hours per day. After spending a week messing around with the "Trackpad" on my IBM T41, I finally got it to work as designed in the last couple of days. In the meantime, I was using a little mini-wheelmouse as my primary pointing device.

Although I've had a scrollwheel on various of my mice for perhaps 5 years, it's never really been something I used or wanted to use. Now, for some reason, I'm all over it…


X fails to mark the spot

I'm tired. I'll type a few words; then I'm going to bed. %$#@! X.

First day of class was last Monday, and I wanted to use my laptop to display video on their projector...

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