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I've gone a lot of years since I broke a piano. I broke my piano tonight...

I'm quite cranky and depressed about it. Of course, eternal lack of sleep isn't helping.

I tuned my upright piano tonight. Got it finally done, which took hours. Not perfect, but way better; quite playable. Was playing with it, having a great time—hadn't played for ages. When I heard a key that was a bit out of tune, I would tune it back. Very cool.

I had left the tuning wrench on top of the piano. Stupid.

So I look up to see it tumble off the top of the piano and bounce as it hits the case right above the keyboard.

Apparently, on the way down, it caught a hammer and broke it off the shaft. Bâ™­ below middle C. Absolutely right in the middle of the keyboard.

So now my piano plays like those old church uprights I used to love as a kid. I'll bet it costs $500 to have someone fix it, and won't happen for weeks.

I'm definitely getting tireder all the time.