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Jamey's comic list and Comic Alert!

My student and friend Jamey Sharp is a long-time intense webcomics afficionado. I got sucked in, as I so often do...

Jamey just updated his webcomic list for the first time in a while. His webcomics list contains several hundred comics, about 50 of which he seems to keep up regularly. I follow 10-15 webcomics, although my tastes are somewhat different than his. (I'm more of a stickler for art and good writing; Jamey is more about comic themes, thoughts, and insights, as near as I can tell. Also, I have a series of irrational negative prejudices, e.g. against certain kinds of furry comics, the art of Phil Foglio, etc. Jamey has much less of that kind of thing.)

I'd follow more webcomics, except that I'm trying to use Comic Alert! to track them, and it just doesn't work right. Comic Alert! tracks updates to webcomics; you give it a list and it generates an RSS feed entry every time a comic on the list updates. Or not. Jamey and I have had several constructive conversations with the site maintainers, and it has gotten somewhat better temporarily afterward. The bottom line right now, though, is that I am reading several comics I don't care much about to get the volume I want, while about half of the comics on my wanted list are "pending" or borked somehow. As I've said before, Pinch of the Glass is one of my very favorites; I won't be happy with any service that can't or won't track it.

Jamey and I have talked about writing our own tracker, possibly peer-to-peer. We just don't have the time right now. Maybe someone ideal will turn up. In the meantime...bleah. I'll keep doing some weird ad hoc comic dance, and hope for the best.



Yeah, I'm not sure why Jamey doesn't have ELER on his list. I think he reads it, as do I. Good stuff.