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I need to get the lyrics I wrote for Disneyland typed in. So here they are. I have music, also, but I'm not sure the easiest way to enter that. I think I need to design some XSLT or something. "Enjoy"...


Sitting in a corner of Disneyland Where by some miracle the music doesn't play. Why am I so tired, when we've only been around here 3 days? My boy has so much money Michael Eisner prob'ly gets a new car. And autographs from 50 Disney-costume-clad cartoon movie stars... [chorus] Oh I remember just yesterday how I was just 7 years old. Wishin' for the world, and doin' mostly what I was told. Folks had no money and their boy had no particular plans. Who would have thought I would someday come to Disneyland, Again and again? After 3 days in the parks we all were tired. Tempers were frayed, little things more than we could stand: "The Happiest Place On Earth" had lost its lustre. Nothing lasts forever, not even Disneyland. Now Disneyland is built on an odd combination of Children's joy and greed. It's a great place to think about what you want And compare it with what you need... Playing on the beach near Coos Bay, my boyhood home; Watching my boy and the ocean across the sand. Thinkin' of all the good times that make a family, Wonderin' 'bout the place of a place like Disneyland. [chorus] Sitting in a lab in Würzburg, almost Christmas; Reading email and working on a lesson plan. Got email that says my paper was accepted for Anaheim. Looks like my wife and boy and I'll be going to Disneyland In Spring once again.   —Bart Massey 2003


You might try lilypond for typesetting music. You enter notation in a relatively reasonable text-based format, and it generates sheet music in PDF, PS, or various other output formats. It can also generate a MIDI file from your notation. The documentation is quite extensive and easy to follow.

I've used LilyPond, and like it a lot. But it's incredibly labor-intensive, at least to get started: I can do a couple of measures of full score in 15-20 minutes. Worse, I've never found a way to get it to do lead sheets—lyrics + chord charts + melody—conveniently.

I've used various other LaTeX packages to do lyrics + chord charts, but I'm sorely tempted to do my own LilyPond-like XML schema and XSLT for formatting lead sheets. I assume there are good free implementations of XSL-FO out there, but I haven't yet looked.

Bottom line: I'm lazy. I may just go old school, and get some lined music paper and write lead sheets and scan them in. Ugly, but easy.