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The sun was out for a moment yesterday

Portland, Oregon is wet. I know it's a cliche; it's also true. We've had about a week of constant, intense rain. Our yard is full of good-sized branches from our giant fir trees. The sun came out for about an hour yesterday afternoon, and everyone was talking about it all over town. "Did you see the sun?" "Yep, it really was sunny for a moment!..."

My Mom came up for Monday's meeting of the Oregon Business Plan folks, so I got to have lunch with her, and she took me to dinner. After dinner, we sat in her car and talked, because we had to get out of the rain. Water kept dripping in through windows cracked to dissipate the fog, but we just ignored it.

But now I think I'm getting a little bit SAD. My wife and boy have been sick for a week; my wife fairly severely so. Everything has been a struggle.

I was thinking I'd get out of town for the weekend, and go some place nicer and more fun. But my wife's not up for that either.

I need to tune my piano—Keithp showed me how and did it previously with Cworth. When I've done it, I'll post a little piano tuning report. I also want to get some work done on my steel-string acoustic: gold strings, graphite nut, top strap holder, maybe a pickup of some kind. My classical guitar broke a string post a while back, and needs that hardware replaced. So I don't really even have a functioning musical instrument right now.

Wherever you live, take a look outside. If it's not raining, I'll seriously consider a trade.