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HOWTO: EVE Online on Debian with Wine

I tried to get EVE Online, an epic-scale space MMO, running on PlayOnLinux. However, this didn't ever work for me. So I decided to go for a direct Wine install.

For the most part, the recipe to get EVE running directly on Wine is given by an article on the EVElopedia wiki. However, there are some additional things I found necessary to get it running on my Haswell graphics box running Debian Jesse. Properly, this post should be an edit to EVElopedia, but since I still have only a free trial account, I'm not allowed to edit there. (I get why, but you might be missing out on some great info, EVElopedia.) So I'll record my additions here, and maybe move things later… As EVElopedia suggests, you will need to install winetricks. The Debian version works fine, so

        apt-get install winetricks

You need to be using wine32! EVE Online will not work with wine64.

You want to set your graphics memory to something reasonable.

        winetricks videomemorysize=512

To get audio working with PulseAudio, which you sadly likely have on your box, you'll need to install the plugin bridge for ALSA, since there is no native support for PulseAudio in Wine (?!?). This will also install a lot of other stuff you don't actually need. C'est la vie.

        apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

There's a missing dependency in the Debian Wine package.

        apt-get install winbind

You can get some things to not complain (AFAICT) by installing some GPG libraries.

        apt-get install libp11kit-dev


        apt-get install libp11-kit-dev

depending on what version of Debian you have.

This should collectively do it for you: unless I've forgotten something you should now be able to download the offline EVE installer and run it per the EVElopedia instructions to get yourself going.

Have fun! Fob