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My webcomics list again

It's been four years since I did my last report on my webcomics list. Four years! I had no idea.

Fortunately, this time I had a scraping script for Piperka more-or-less (less) in place, so it wasn't too much work for me to edit it and bring it over here. Without further ado, my webcomics list… There are 42 webcomic series on this list, in alphabetical order. The link is to the episode Piperka reported current at the time of writing. These are all I follow (or at least admit to following) daily. Another dozen or so entries in my list are completed series or series on long indefinite hiatus.


[*] A "least-dispensable" comic. These are my desert-island favorites.

[†] A comic not currently properly tracked by Piperka.

[?] More likely than others to contain nudity or sexual content.

[1] Xander is completed, but I haven't completed it yet because it wasn't being tracked properly by Piperka. Besides, it's awesome.

[2] Yellow Peril is currently running a miniseries completely different from the normal comic. Look through the archives if you want to know how it is normally.

Perhaps the most important discovery this time around is that Piperka is failing to track 12 of 42 comics. That's kind of a terrible percentage. It's no reflection on the awesome effort or skills of Piperka author/maintainer Kari Pahula: I am always grateful to him. But I found some real gems in my list that I'd missed a lot of. I think it's time for me to try moving to Comic Rocket again and see how that goes. I know there will be some misses there too, but I'm hoping the percentage will be lower at this point.

Other observations include:

  • Compared to previous lists, my percentage of SF&F is down a bit. Not sure whether that reflects my changing tastes, or better availability of quality content in other genres, or something else.

  • My list continues to grow slowly. It turns out I'm actively tracking about 30 webcomics, but I feel like I have the capacity for a lot more. I've added some, but I've lost some good ones too.

Anyway, that's where I am. Let me know if there's things you enjoy, or that I desperately need to add. Fob