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Daily checklisting

I've been running a daily checklist since the start of the year. I currently have 14 daily items plus a few weekly ones on it. I'm using To.Do on Android as my tool. It's kind of weak, but it turns out to be good enough to do its job.

Here's my notes to myself on what seems to be working vs not working with checklisting. Take it for what you will… * A good checklist item is something you should do every day, and usually do, but occasionally forget or neglect. A checklist item is a reminder and a mild stimulus.

  • No checklist item is too trivial to add. If you ever notice you've forgot a regular task, and it's not on the checklist, put it on. My glasses, for example, are on there.

  • If you consistently miss a checklist item, get it off the list. It just messes up your ability to use the list. You're shooting for about an 85% success rate, with occasional 100% days. I've removed about three items since I started.

  • A good checklist item is binary: it is either done or undone. With items that are qualitative or fudgeable, there is confusion. I had "early bedtime", but replaced it with the more concrete "12:30 bedtime". Now I fudge by 15-30 minutes with various rationalizations.

I think this is most of it. I'm going to keep checklisting: it seems to work for me. Fob