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Drupal 7 will not happen

So I've done two things today and this evening. First, I moved FOB off of my work machine and back home. In the process, I cleaned up the Drupal 6 installation a bit and brought it up to date here. Second, I threw away the 6500 spam user applications that had piled up. That was a start… I've got reCAPTCHA turned on and Drupal 6 running the latest bits; I'm hoping that these steps are sufficient to stop the account spam. If not, I'll look into more countermeasures. I'd really like to turn moderated anonymous comments and anonymous user account creation back on. I guess mailback would be a good first step.

What is not happening is an upgrade to Drupal 7. I was pretty close to pulling the trigger when I found out that the Drupal 6 Image module and its many ancillaries, in particular the Image Gallery module, are not supported in Drupal 7. I have enough content of that sort on FOB that I'm not going to kludge together some half-assed manual migration process, so I guess I'm just out of luck. There appear to be no plans to provide a reasonable upgrade path, so I'll just sit tight with Drupal 6 for as long as I can and then…I don't know what.

I'm certainly going to stop recommending Drupal to people until I figure this out. I can't believe I'm not missing something—surely everyone with a site with lots of organized pictures is not just doing some weird epic manual migration of all its content? I don't know.

Hopefully somebody here will tell me what I'm supposed to do. Fob