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The organization will continue until morale improves

I told my CS 161 students they had to start keeping a notebook, so I would too. I'm basically using Google Keep for my notes: it's mirrored online and automatically datestamps each new note, so what's not to like?

I used Keep notes today and yesterday to keep track of things on my Glass Plate Game Markers project, and was not surprised to find that it helped me reach a better result more quickly than keeping track of things mentally would have. The project was surprisingly full of little bugs and problems for something so simple, and I learned a lot from it. The end result, thanks to notes, is a repeatable project in a good cause.

The new year's "self-discipline" motto seems to be serving me well so far. I'm not always hitting every target, and I had to abandon one recently—exercise is not on my daily checklist anymore, although I still will try for it. Nonetheless, I feel like I am getting more done better than I was last year. Yay me. Fob