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My Inform 7 Projects

It's no secret that I'm heavy into Inform 7. I think it's a work of genius, albeit with all the quirks therein implied. I have a bunch of Inform 7 projects right now. If somebody wanted to pick up and help with one or more of them, that would be pretty cool. Otherwise, I'll knock them all off before I am called home—Lord willing. Here's the projects I can think of offhand, and their status… There are two basic kinds of Inform 7 that I write: infrastructure including libraries and the like, and outright games.

  • Infrastructure: Fire and Smoke, a library that captures some semantics of fire, flame, smoking etc. Fills a big hole in the Inform 7 standard libraries. Partly complete, but still needs a ton of work. Not being actively developed right now.

  • Infrastructure: Basic Literacy, Books, libraries that deal with reading, writing, readable text, books and bookmarks. I find it appalling that "read" and "examine" are the synonyms in Inform 7, and that there's a section in the standard libraries where Books would go with nothing in it. (Someone's implementation of "Journals" is around there somewhere and provides some of this.) Again, a huge hole IMHO. Basic Literacy is getting on toward complete, but Books still needs a ton of work.

  • Infrastructure + Game: Tunnels and Trolls Rules, Orc Castle, my attempt to do an Inform 7 game in the style of a Tunnels and Trolls "solo dungeon". The "rules" and in-game character creation will be made available as a separate library eventually, and are well along. The game hasn't yet been started.

  • Game: The Codex of Hamurabi, my homage to the ancient BASIC game by way of FOCAL, HAMURABI. I'm trying to capture a narrative feel and give a little more sophisticated mechanics, plus add some plot and subplots, while still keeping the rules of the original more or less intact. The player is King Hamurabi; the other main character is The Steward, the only other character in the original game. The setup is mostly done, but there's still a lot of game mechanics and paint to be built. The endgame is not yet started.

  • Game: Room Escape, my homage to the Flash "Room Escape" games that were popular for a few years, and specifically to Sphere, the one I played through to the end. This is still in the concept stage, and no Inform 7 has been written. Some underlying mechanics will be needed to handle the whole facing/attention thing that is a key feature of these games, but I may be able to borrow it from somewhere; haven't looked too hard yet.

  • Infrastructure: GUInform, Tesca Fitzgerald's and my interactive GUI prototyping environment based on Inform 7 and SVG. The basic mechanics are in good shape, but the GUI builder library could use some love from a good Inform 7 developer. I'm not working on it right now, and as far as I know neither is Tesca.

So yeah. That ought to keep me busy. Maybe you want to help? Let me know. Fob