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Some more ground rules for the new blogging

In my last entry I mentioned that I'm going to try to blog every day. I also mentioned a couple of exceptions: might do a podcast instead, might work on art or music instead. Here's a couple more exceptions:

  • Comments of over 200 words posted on a public site like Facebook count as my day's blogging. I'll repost here, post here instead and/or post a link if the comment makes sense out of context. Otherwise you'll just have to dig it out if you want it.

  • I will sometimes blog to my anonymous blog or to my private notebook (not really a blog) instead. Obviously, you'll miss those.

  • I will allow myself to build up a "living buffer": If I get ahead, I can skip days later.

So if you don't see me posting sometimes, please assume it's that until I tell you otherwise. And yes, today's 200-word Facebook comment plus this blog entry puts me 1 ahead. Fob