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The Finite Automata Song

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Drove down to North Bend from Portland today. Normally 3.5-4.5 hours, but this time took 6. Had some traffic, had some fog. Biggest problem---stuck for an hour while the whole southbound side of I-5 was blocked by an accident. Finally managed to drive around it.

My brother and his friend have this semi-pro recording studio. I'm going to try to record one or more of the songs I've written tomorrow. I think we're starting with the Finite Automata Song...

[2004/01/05] Indeed we did. The lyrics below aren't quite in the right order for what we ended up with, but I think all of the lyrics on the recording are there. This recording was made at the studio of Eric Porter and my brother, who uses the 'nym Neal F. Guye. Eric played drums and Neal played bass. The vocals, piano, and synth-strings are all me. The piano, bass, and drums were recorded as one take. The vocals and the strings were then added. Finally, the whole thing was mixed by Neal and burned. Recording this took about 15 hours, including about: 2.5 hours for breakfast, lunch, dinner; 3 hours to record the first track (3 takes); 2 hours to record the vocals and strings; 3 hours for mixdown. The remainder was setup, mainly spent dealing with various SNAFUs. The attached recordings are a high-quality MP3 and a FLAC I expect no one will want, made from the 16-bit 44.1Ksps CD version. If you want the 24-bit 96Ksps version for some wacky reason, let me know.

The Finite Automata Song

Define a machine With a finite set of states Taking input from the left Producing output to the right With a finite control Defined by a well-defined machine I woke up today From a very scary dream I dreamt that I was A non-deterministic finite state machine And as hard as I tried I could never even really try to seem To loose my control and fly away [chorus] And as I wandered onward Through this dark and scary day That mechanical feeling Never really seemed to go away I know there are those Who say we're all just machines But if we're just automata why do we dream? And as I sit here dreaming In the darkness of my cube And thinking of the billion things I'll never have the time to do The ticking of my CPU Is like the ticking of my Japanese watch Ticking off the nanoseconds 'Til that final state where ticking stops And I know there are those Who say it's all just a dream But if so it is a dream with fine machines (chorus)
And soon the night is over And soon the day is through And soon we lay us down to sleep And soon we rise anew And so the circle cycles on And so on state to state And so we dream of fine machines And soon it's getting late And I know there are those who say it's all just machines Living in a dark and scary mechanistic dream I know there are those Who say it's all just a dream If it's just automata why do we dream? Why do we dream? I woke up today...   —Bart Massey 1998