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Project Resolution: Regular blogging begins again

So I've got a New Year's Resolution. A Resolution started (and titled) this blog, lo so many years ago, but over the years I've abandoned regular blogging. I'm hoping that my new New Year's Resolution will cause me to pick it up—and keep it up—again… My Resolution for this year is very, very general. I've resolved to work on self-discipline. Yes, the whole area of self-discipline. On looking at all the things I have going that I might resolve about, I decided that they were all connected by this common thread of laziness and inattentiveness. So I'm going to work on that.

So far, I've gotten both a decent To-Do List app for my phone that syncs with Google Tasks, and a decent Daily Checklist app for my phone. I've started to cover both pretty well with things that need doing. Of course, life has intervened hard, as always: my computers have suffered greatly from the last few months' inattention, so it's been full-on computer maintenance for the last couple of days and I'm still not done. But in spite of that I've knocked a few projects down and missed a lot less of my basic stuff than I normally do.

One of the things on my daily checklist is blogging. So I will try to be disciplined enough to get this done every day. I actually have several things queued up to talk about right now, so I expect this will be one of my easier regular tasks. I may occasionally substitute a podcast or some artwork or music I've created; those count too, I think.

Happy 2014, everyone! Fob