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Download *whole albums* via Amazon Cloud Player on Linux has a reasonably-priced, reasonably-convenient music store. So I've bought a lot of things from it. Like everyone else on the planet with a Linux box, however, I find Amazon's refusal to just give me a freakin' zipball of the MP3s from my album completely and insanely obnoxious. I understand, Amazon—you want me to install your POS downloader spamware. Not going to happen, even if you could be bothered to build it for my platform.

Hey, maybe Amazon will need a favor from me someday. In the meantime, here's how to actually be able to bulk-download your albums from Amazon Cloud Player on Linux… Caveat: Amazon does seem to be changing their setup over time. These instructions may not work for you. Indeed, they didn't work for me the first time through: the process seems to take some fiddling. No promises, but wish you luck.

Amazon checks a couple of things to make sure you're a Windows or Mac user running their installer. First, they check the "user agent" information coming from your browser to see if you're running Windows or Mac. Second, they look for a "cookie" coming from your browser that says that their downloader has been successfully downloaded. Finally, they're going to download your batch content as a proprietary "AMZ" archive file: you'll need a tool to process that.

To spoof your user agent, you want to install a "user agent switcher" plugin for your browser. I set my user agent info to pretend to be IE 10 running on Windows 7.

To get the cookie set, you want to first follow these instructions from the Pymazon downloader site. [Note to Pymazon developers: you really want to change the project name—you're going to get C&D-ed by Amazon sooner or later for a name that looks that much like their trademark.] Basically, you (somehow) get to the page where the Downloader is to be installed. I also went ahead and downloaded the installer and threw it away. This appeared to be necessary; I think there may be some other cookie involved. After that, look for the link on that page (you may have to navigate back there) that says "If you have already installed the Amazon MP3 downloader, click here to enable for use with this browser." Click it.

Now, if you navigate to your Cloud Player account, you should be able to select multiple tracks and hit the Download button. Before you do that, though, install "clamz" from your Linux distro. This is an open source unpacker for AMZ files. It's primarily a command-line tool, but at least on Debian under Firefox the browser will automatically invoke it when you press the Download button to unpack your music.

Now you should be ready to go. Worked for me: YMMV. GL! Fob