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OK, so everybody hates PayPal. Indeed, a while back they semi-legally stole thousands of dollars from the nonprofit foundation I help run. Now they're trying to get me to give them my bank account information (yeah, right) by charging a fee of about 5% on credit card transactions. Further, they say that after January 1 2012 I can no longer do business through them unless I "sign" a document agreeing that if they say they emailed me something then I must have received it. Fat chance.

I'm really angry at Congress for not regulating PayPal. That said, I'm angry with myself for putting up with them this long. I have closed my PayPal account now. I would encourage everyone else to do likewise, before you lose money and time to this scam.

If you are a merchant and PayPal is the only way I can pay you, this means that you will not get my business. Look into Google Checkout, which is the non-evil version. Fob