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Instant Graphic Novel

In 2009, at the Stumptown Comic Festival, I participated in something called the "Instant Graphic Novel" exercise. "Instant" is a bit of a misnomer here: it took about 2 hours. The 15 or 20 participants settled on a genre, story arc, and characters, with the help of the coordinator who provided genre descriptions and character models to choose from. Then each participant selected a page of the storyboard to work on. I had a great time, and thought the result was amusing. My wall of text—er, page—is here.

Neal Skorpen, a comic writer and illustrator I greatly enjoy, has set this up and run it at Stumptown for the last several years. This year, I made it there again, and once again had a good time. [Update: 2011/4/28, 2011/6/6] The result is up. My page is here. The links keep movin', but I keep fixin' 'em. Enjoy. Fob



Which page did you draw?

For this year? I think my name's on the page. It's the one of Mr. Bones sitting in the cell in comic jail. It says BCM 11 on the wall in back. I never claimed to be able to draw, really, but I don't hate it. There are things I would fix in a do-over; mostly needs more detail, as it was a bit sparse. Fob