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I am a musical legend

I ran into this download link in Google by accident just now, and for some reason it cracked me up. Yes, you can now get The Finite Automata Song off my blog through a music download service. Go me!

Looking at that link on my blog made me sad, though. I miss my brother so much. Fob



Amazing how they get their hands on our music. Cool as long as you are not trying to make a living. Smile


Yeah, it's hotlinked, too. So I pay for the bandwidth but the downloader never sees my site.

I've never been the big opponent of hotlinking that some on the net are. If I put something up, I expect people to link to it. But there definitely is something about this particular instance that rubs me more the wrong way than I thought it would.

If I cared enough, I would change the URL for my song, and put in its place an MP3 that would get them in trouble. Too lazy, though. Oh well. Fob