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Now with new and improved FOB Theming!

I put the FOB theme back on this Drupal 6 installation. It turns out that it is now straightforward to make it a Chameleon subtheme, so there's no more copy-and-hack; should make Drupal 7 a lot easier.

In the retheming process, with the aid of Firebug and some good Drupal info from the interwebs, I improved some things that had been bugging me.

Let me know what you think. Fob

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The background color has been driving me nuts forever. I finally got it to something sensible today. What a relief. Fob

That yellow that's been up here has been an improvement over the pink, but I finally grabbed a color picker and fiddled a bit and got the orange-brown that I wanted to begin with. Sigh. Fob