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My current webcomics

It's been a while since I last posted my webcomics list. A friend asked me to update it, so here it is. The order is very roughly the order in which I'd be willing to stop reading the strips, but I wouldn't rely on it…

This list does not include another 20 serials I track with Piperka that are either on hiatus, terminated, completed, "I can't remember the last update," or are too embarrassing for me to post publicly. (Although as you can imagine, given the presence of Questionable Content and Flipside above, I do not embarrass easily.) It also does not include serials I have only in Serialist; as I'm still primarily relying on Piperka until Serialist handles my stuff more successsfully, I don't see the things Serialist tracks much.

This list has a lot more serials than my previous list, and is much less sci-fi oriented. The lines between fantasy, SF and other have also become quite blurry for me; many of the strips I read have fantastic elements, but aren't really in SF settings. Conspicuously missing is Schlock Mercenary, as per my previous post.

Only a few of my current webcomics are daily, and only a couple post on Sunday. Thus, even though my list has grown I am not overwhelmed keeping up. I'm currently looking to add several more serials, and have been catching up strips I've seen recommended in an effort to figure out what.

As always, I owe the creators of these webcomics a huge debt of thanks. Fob