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Wikipedia Art

My friend Ethan Ham just pointed out an interesting "art" project around Wikipedia. Really, it's more an argument for Wikipedia social change, as near as I can tell. Of course, as such it fits well with my own views from previous blog posts [1, 2, 3]…

I hope this piece will make the Guardians of Wikipedia think, rather than just elicit a knee-jerk reaction. IMHO more of the thinking needs to be done.

(I left a note on the talk page of this Wikipedia article a few days ago, after a student told me that he knew that the not-equal operator ≠ is transitive because "Wikipedia says so." It's sad to me that this kind of content is allowed to sit there unmolested, while IMHO legitimate content is booted for spurious reasons.)

If you have the ability to get something published in print media, it would be great if you could write about this project. It would really help establish the "notability" and "reliability" of the project. Fob