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An anonymous commenter just pointed out to me that image CAPTCHAs were broken on here again. I fixed it.

Those who have my email address handy, please send me email anytime you are struggling with the CAPTCHAs. They seem to be necessary to cut the amount of spam I have to moderate, but they sure are fragile. Fob

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Sadly, CAPTCHAs aren't working so well for me lately. Apparently, folks are getting paid to wiki-spam ads. I left this one (with the URL anonymized, of course) just so folks could see the level of "quality" these wiki-spams have. It wasn't my edit—Anonymous used the "hef" tag of HTML to try to promote the site. Perhaps they wanted the "href" tag?

May the spammers of the world be forced to use the products and services they are advertising. Fob