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I chose the 'nym "PO8" back in the 1980s at Reed, for use in IRC or Rogue or something; I forget. Basically, it replaced the 'nym I was using at the time, "Black Bart", because the Internet can't see color, and I was afraid that the term "Black" would carry unintended connotations for folks who didn't know the Western referent. So I chose the obscure 'nym the famous stagecoach robber used for himself. I also liked the irony, given the image of geeks at the time.

It's a short 'nym, and yet I figured it would be fairly unique. Imagine my chagrin when I tried to use it as an AOL screen name. There's lots of Po's in Asia; many more than eight, in fact.

Generally, though, PO8 has worked well for me, and I use it in a variety of places to this day.