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FOB theme remains...FOB

I got little response to my poll, perhaps because of bugs, but more likely because nobody reads this thing. What response I did get was not terribly positive about the switch to the new Garland-based theme. So I put the "original" one back. Thanks much for your input!
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What is it - the push button theme? Also, how did you get the anonymous stuff to work in drupal? (prefilled anonymous for name, homepage text field)


The FOB theme is almost exactly Chameleon; the list of differences is tiny at this point.

I don't remember doing anything special for anonymous comments, I'm afraid. Might just be a change in the latest Drupal bits? [scurries off to look at the Drupal source] This functionality seems to be in the "comment" module, which is a core module you can just turn on. Let me know if you have trouble with this and I'll dig around more.