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All my Drupal sites are now at 5.3

This site and every other Drupal site I administer are now at Drupal version 5.3, as packaged by Debian.

Getting there was a royal pain in the neck that took me the better part of 2.5 days. However, along the way, I de-crufted some stuff that needed de-crufting, and killed some sites that needed killing; hopefully the next time it will be a lot quicker, especially with Debian doing some of the upgrade work now.

Please let me know if you see any problems or have any suggestions…

For the record, the six active Drupal sites I currently administer are:

I also maintain a test instance on my home desktop, and am about to take on one more high-traffic public site shortly. These eight instances are spread across 3 boxes plus a virtual box.

I learned some interesting things in the process of this round of upgrades. I found and killed some Drupal sites I'd forgotten about, for example.

It also turns out I turned off my custom FOB Drupal theme a long time ago, and have been running on stock Chameleon instead. I'm not sure whether my slight color tweaks and what-not represent an improvement, but it was fun to turn it back on. Feedback welcome.

I managed to get a better handle on what Drupal modules I'm using. I've switched to arithmetic CAPTCHAs for some of my sites that use CAPTCHAs; they're a lot less painful to administer.

I'm just glad at this point to be back to more productive things. Fob

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I've enabled an RSS feed I can use to watch the comment queue. I've also enabled a new default input type that allows some HTML, because I was being driven nuts by having to click all the time. So really, this is just a test comment. Check out the new RSS syndication at . I'm skeptical, but it might just be cool. Fob