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It's like a way

As noted earlier, I've been having big fun with TV Tropes lately. This thing is a Wikiin almost exactly the way that Wikipedia is not

No complex rules document and rules debates at TV Tropes. No attempt to stricly limit the scope; in fact, it now contains plenty of information on every even vaguely TV-related popular culture medium imaginable. No requirement to "register", although if you want to keep a watchlist you can have a cookie set for yourself. Nothing particularly sophisticated in the anti-spam technology.

Instead, in the spirit of Ward's original Wiki, users are invited to post material about media culture, tropes and idioms, and to edit the existing material. The site sees as much as hundreds of edits an hour; small compared to Wikipedia, perhaps, but enough that by now it has grown to a really nice reference.

And it's fun, in a way that Wikipedia never really was for me. I've spent many hours I should have spent on other things in the past week, digging around in the material, posting suggestions and enhancements, and just laughing hysterically.

My brother once told me that "in a way" generally means something very like "not much at all". Wikipedia is a Wiki, in a way. TV Tropes captures the spirit of Wiki in a really complete way.

Enjoy. Fob