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There's been a lot of discussion here about good web comics. For my money, there's just no way to beat Dr. McNinja. It's a really eclectic premise (spawned by a semi-real-life experience of the author), beautifully rendered in very high-quality, classic-comics era style. Three times a week, you get a full-page of comic book goodness. The humor is really, really humorous.

Dr. McNinja comes from a family (whom we meet) of Irish ninjas, but he is a practicing dentist. He has a gorilla for a receptionist. A clone of Benjamin Franklin helped him through dental school. He's battled Ronald McDonald more than once. Despite all this apparent silliness, the comic never resorts to stupidity - the stories are consistent and interesting, within their hilarious presuppositions.

I really can't say enough good things about this web comic. It's beautifully drawn, hilariously funny, super-high output.



Dr. McNinja rules! Jamey also has a giant list of webcomics he reads, if you ever need a new one. student Jules, who I'm currently travelling in Korea with, recommended Dr. McNinja to me a few hours ago. His comments were similar to yours.

Clearly this comic is a meme on the way up.

BTW, nice page layout!