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Blog feed URL fixed

A bad patch to the Drupal 7 upgrade left the blog RSS feed URL missing the site part. It should be better now, so if you were unable to subscribe before, please try again. Thanks much to Cousin Rob for pointing out the problem.

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Way to get right on the issue... if it was me I might be "fixin' to do it" for awhile.

Hey while we're talking about feeds and such... I just found Creative Bits and to the point, their page of feeds which provides explanation and links to each of the sub-feeds. It's a long-standing head-scratcher here at FOB, what could/should I be subscribing to beyond (which seems sufficient).

I guess I'm asking, is there a summary page here that I'm missing?


There's, which aggregates all the site blogs. Doesn't really solve the problem, though. I agree that a summary for each user that has a blog would be nice.

The Drupal patches that let each FOB user have a custom blog title and header fields are mine. I guess I should extend these changes so that folks who have a custom blog title and description set up also get a line in some sort of index page.