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Time for 4.7

I am planning to update Drupal on this blog and elsewhere to 4.7. Thanks to all of you who voted to give it time to stabilize. (Also the one of you who voted to give it up—why?) It seems pretty solid now, and the Drupal folks tell me that 4.8 is close to being out. So it seems like a good time to treat 4.7 as stable. Watch this space for upgrade adventures.

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Just got some spam in. Want to see if captchas are broken again. Probably time to upgrade to 4.7 now.

Trying again...

OK, it turns out that Drupal 4.6.8 needed a patch to keep captchas working. I think I'd applied it to 4.6.6 also, but of course accidentally wiped it out. I think I wiped out some other patches too. Bleah. It's clearly time for 4.7.

I caint spel. Is there hep fer me in this release?

I tried installing the only two spellchecking modules I could find. One is of questionable quality and only purports to check "node bodies", making it of marginal utility. Another is currently known to be broken. If you can find or build something good for Drupal 4.7, please let me know.

BTW, you can set your blog title from your user profile page. Please use this feature: I went to a lot of trouble to hack it in. Smile

OK, at least I've set a very creative title for my blog, Sophit4's FOB Blog.