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Captchas Repaired

My apologies for the recent failure of captchas, which apparently caused them to display with no text content. That's just awful.

Someone/something removed the fonts the captchas are using from the machine FOB is hosted on. Fob Unfortunately, rather than fall back in some sensible way, the captcha module just started failing and putting up textless captchas.

I've reinstalled the fonts, so captchas should work for now. I'll try to put together a fix to the captcha module to make it fall back better (in my copious spare time). Again, please accept my apologies.

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I demoted this thread from the front page, but I do want to see that anonymous comments work, at least for me; I haven't seen any since I reenabled them. At least I think I reenabled them.

Haven't seen anonymous comments lately--wondering about ت borkage possibilities.

Because so many spammer creeps bang off my site continuously trying to auto-post anonymous comments, I do a check like this every so often to make sure I'm not also losing legitimate anonymous comments. If you can read this, everything is currently OK.