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META: My blog entries end with the FOB smiley

OK, so I have a new convention.

I've been using "cuts" for my blog entries on FOB. I'm told that this will "cut" down my readership, but I'm trying to be courteous and let the reader decide how interested they are before bombarding them with text.

Since the fact that the article has more beyond the cut is not too obvious from the style, I've been using ellipsis right before the cut to indicate a continuation…

Unfortunately, even I still get confused and forget there's a cut. Hence, the New World Order. From now on, my blog entries will end with my shiny new FOB smiley. So until you see one of those, the blog entry isn't over. Probably because it has got a cut.

If somebody with edit privs wants to go back and fix my old blog entries to follow this convention, that would be cool. Fixing the earlier articles to use the HTML entity "…" instead of "..." for the ellipsis while you're there would be good too. Otherwise I'll eventually get it done myself, probably via a direct SQL query.

Smileys rule. Fob




these cuts make in very uncomfortable for me to read your blog with a rss reader. Maybe you can make it so that p.fd.o gets a rss feed with the full posts? Or something to that effect?

I really want p.fd.o to not get full posts; that's the major reason I care about putting in the cuts. But I do want the RSS feed at to deliver full articles without cuts as an option. I'm not sure what to do about this conflict. :-?

If you can bear the current mess for another week, next week I'll try to find time to hack up Drupal so that one can choose between a full and a summary RSS feed. Heck, this feature may already be in 7.0, but I can't go there yet. One of the real Drupal frustrations is the long release cycle.