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META: New Drupal, new captchas, new worries

Perhaps I've squashed the spammers at FOB for the moment…

I've upgraded Drupal to the latest released version, 4.6.5, freeing it up from tracking Debian in the process (for better or worse). That permitted me to install the Drupal captcha module, to try to protect against anonymous comment spam.

On the one hand, I'm not so convinced that the captcha module I've installed is secure. On the other hand, the upgrade was kind of complex, and I'm not sure I've got it really right. Further, Drupal 4.7.0 is supposed to be out of beta very soon now, so I'll get to do some of this again at some point.

Between spammers and Drupal, I'm not so sure I shouldn't just give up and move the whole thing to a blog site. The reasons I am sticking with this site are severalfold:

  1. I'm learning a ton about Drupal, PHP, MySQL, CSS, etc by running this thing.
  2. I do have more kinds of content on here than just a blog.
  3. It feels like giving up is letting the spammers win.

But boy I need to find time to get real work done, and this thing isn't helping.

Thanks much to everyone who has helped out in getting me going again. Also, curses to those who spam. May all spammers fall victim to sophisticated variants of the Nigerian scam.



Do tell... hey wow they work! Nice!