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About The Name "FOB"

The name is, as it says on the home page, "Friends Of Bart", although folks have pointed out that F--- O-- Bart could be read any number of ways. For some reason, the name also reminds me of Friends Of Carlotta. Although Bart is not a country, maybe this site is a virtual one.

The name is a pun on F.O.B., a business abbreviation for "Free On Board" (or "Freight On Board" or "Free Freight On Board"), meaning that goods are delivered from the supplier to you for free. Also, to "fob off" someone or something is slang for getting a mark to accept them/it under false pretenses. A "fob" is "a little pocket for a watch", i.e. the place where one keeps one's time. This fun video informs me that FOB stands for "Full Of Bullets" around Microsoft.

Given the above, it seemed like this short, simple name was the right one for this site.

FOB is at, another odd name.