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How's Drupal's Unicode?

Turns out the Debian Women care about Drupal's Unicode support. So I thought I'd post Clytie's affiliation as a simplistic first test: "Clytie, vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do,"

Looks to work great so far.


My image went to Bart's blog not mine! Nice!

I only need two things...

I only need a long extension cord and for one of the houses around the park to pop for some free Wi-Fi, and I'm all set!
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My desktop

Greg Kroah-Hartman recently posted a picture of his desktop. Which was confusing, because I thought it was

my desktop. Go figure.


Here's a nice account of the life of the stagecoach robber Black Bart. From my point of view, he's notable because the domain name of this site, which is based on the handle I commonly use online, was chosen to match his signature on the little poems he used to leave at robbery scenes: "Black Bart the PO8".


CODE: An EMACS/MH hack you'll never care about

I'm the only person I know in the whole world who still uses command-line MH with emacs to compose MH messages. (Several come close, but none exactly that.) This is the sad story of my latest fight with this ancient albatross...

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Ran across this webcomic when it was nominated for an award this year. I'm not sure what to make of it. Amazing art, and really nice 4-panel storytelling, but very sick-n-twisted a lot of the time, and always kind of dark. Still, some of his strips are pretty nice.

Actually, reading the bio just now, I find out that the Portland Mercury actually publishes it. So you may already be reading it. Oh well.


They said Yes

I sent e-mail to The Yes Men yesterday asking them to put up the .ppt of their excellent talk slides on their site so that folks could play with them.

Today Andy said "yes"! What fun to get a personal e-mail from him. And the slides really are cool: I want to use them as a teaching aid on how to put together presentations way more credible than their content. Smile

Alternate FOB icon

Here's an alternate icon for the site


Site has new home

OK, so FOB is now at Note that it is still physically at such is the miracle of domain name service. Once one gets the hang of this stuff, it's all pretty easy, actually.

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