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James Loewen's Books

I am just starting to read Sundown Towns, the latest book by Dr. James Loewen, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me and Lies Across America.


HOWTO: Get a contract employer to pay you

A friend of mine just showed me by example some techniques for getting a delinquent contract employer to pay for work performed. Here's my retelling and condensation of her great tips. Disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAWYER! Any advice I give is the result of drunken hallucinations and should be ignored for your own safety...



Working towards a PhD

I am guessing that this how I start a personal blog. The purpose is advertise my progress (and often my lack of progress) towards a PhD in Computer Science. This might help some one in the future or dissuade some one from pursuing a PhD (which might actually be helpful!).


META: Duct tape and bailing wire

So I had a really nice blog entry typed in for today. Now it's gone, and you get this one instead...


Review: Injustice by any other name

I just saw the television pilot for "In Justice" or "inJustice" or somesuch spacing and capitalization few hours ago. (As you can see below, neither of these names really makes sense as a title for this series. Maybe "Injustice" would, but even that seems pretty weak. Regardless, you would think that ABC would at least consistently spell the name of their new series in their literature.)

The premise of the show struck me offhand as an odd one for a legal drama. According to the ABC description

[The] National Justice Project is an agency that focuses on cases where justice has not been served and innocent people have been wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit.
They take on a new case each week. Why isn't this a documentary featuring a real-life equivalent organization such as the Innocence Project at Cardozo? Also, doesn't this kind of show give a negative view of the American justice system, something mainstream television never does?…


The Finite Automata Song

Drove down to North Bend from Portland today. Normally 3.5-4.5 hours, but this time took 6. Had some traffic, had some fog. Biggest problem---stuck for an hour while the whole southbound side of I-5 was blocked by an accident. Finally managed to drive around it.

My brother and his friend have this semi-pro recording studio. I'm going to try to record one or more of the songs I've written tomorrow. I think we're starting with the Finite Automata Song...


My New Year's Resolutions

Sigh. Day two of my blogging adventure, and I'm already falling behind. Exciting times today, but meant that I didn't get to work until now.

META: In which I begin to blog daily

For some time now, I've meant to start blogging daily...


Google's $350K donation to Bart

OK not really a donation to Bart, but he's listed so prominently in their announcement and it's such a cool thing... well I think it's worthy of mention here, in at least some regard.

Good job, Bart!

Everything happens at once...

Boy, things have been busy the last couple of months, weeks, days... Thus, I have not been updating FOB so regularly, and probably won't be for a while. But I thought I ought to drop a brief note mentioning some of what's happening, at least...



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