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X fails to mark the spot

I'm tired. I'll type a few words; then I'm going to bed. %$#@! X.

First day of class was last Monday, and I wanted to use my laptop to display video on their projector...


The Firesign Theatre

The Firesign Theatre is one of those things you can't explain...

META: Anonymous users can post blog comments now

As an experiment, I have enabled blog comment posting for anonymous users. There's a moderation system registered users can use. If you are a Friend of Bart, I strongly recommend dropping me an email and then signing up for an account here. But it seems unreasonable to not at least try to let others comment on my blog, now that it's firing regularly. This is especially true since I think I'll sign up on ORblogs and see how that goes.


A bidding/betting tip

I've played a lot of card games in my life—perhaps inordinately many for somebody with so much else to do. I was sitting around playing funsies poker in the intermediate room on Yahoo tonight, and was reminded of an old adage we used to use playing Bridge. I pass it on, as it may be useful to you...


I need to get the lyrics I wrote for Disneyland typed in. So here they are. I have music, also, but I'm not sure the easiest way to enter that. I think I need to design some XSLT or something. "Enjoy"...

The sun was out for a moment yesterday

Portland, Oregon is wet. I know it's a cliche; it's also true. We've had about a week of constant, intense rain. Our yard is full of good-sized branches from our giant fir trees. The sun came out for about an hour yesterday afternoon, and everyone was talking about it all over town. "Did you see the sun?" "Yep, it really was sunny for a moment!..."

OK, Haskell

I learned some more Haskell tonight. That's happened a lot of times, though, over many years. I think I'm finally getting the IO monad kind of straightened out, so maybe I'll be OK with the language, finally...


Review: Lions and Witches and Wardrobes, oh my!

It's been a week or more since my boy and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe at our local theater. I keep getting sidetracked by other topics, but I thought I should make some comments before my memory of the movie goes entirely stale...


META: Blogging without controversy

I'm finding that my current organization for my blogging isn't very happy. I wrote a long piece tonight for this blog. Then decided it was too sensitive for this blog. Then decided it was too identifiable for my "anonymous" blog. So now it's sitting in my private directory...


Why static typechecking is your friend

I have just finished a little 120-line Nickle program. The purpose of the program is quite simple: given a list of lecture titles and topics as a CSV file, I need to format a schedule, with the proper dates, as HTML for my syllabus page and as a CSV import for the Sakai-based portal I'm trying out for my course this quarter. Nickle is good at this kind of thing, as it turns out, in spite of not really being about text processing or traditional scripting.

Anyway, the interesting part to me is the development process I've developed for Nickle code. Basically, I start typing the code into a text editor. At a convenient stopping place, I run Nickle on the code just to get the static checks. When my partial program is free of syntax and type errors, I type some more. Eventually I run and debug in the usual way...


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