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Ran across this review of the classic children's book The Story About Ping by chance just now. Clearly, there must have been some campaign to mod the review up, as it's the top Spotlight review on Amazon with some 7900 of 8100 readers "finding it helpful". I just found it amusing. Fob

META: Moving FOB Site Content

This will be my last blog meta-post for a while that is not specifically about my blog. All the FOB site discussion should be vectored to the site forum. My apologies for the rash of off-topic content recently—the spammers had me on tilt.


META: New Drupal, new captchas, new worries

Perhaps I've squashed the spammers at FOB for the moment…

I've upgraded Drupal to the latest released version, 4.6.5, freeing it up from tracking Debian in the process (for better or worse). That permitted me to install the Drupal captcha module, to try to protect against anonymous comment spam.


META: Spammers hit again

Check out the front page for information on the latest spammer mess at FOB. Sorry anonymous comments are disabled for now; I'm unhappy but clearly need a better strategy before I turn them back on.


Back on Atkins again

One of my New Years' resolutions was to lose a bunch of weight fast. I've failed horribly…

Yesterday, I started back onto the Atkins diet, which had worked great for me for about 2 years before I fell off it. I ended up at about 185 lbs at minimum, down from my current 220 by a substantial fraction.

I need to establish a regular exercise program, and to tighten up my Atkins. One more thing to do. I would blow it off for another year or so, except that with my sleep apnea I might die. So I'll try to get it together and live a little longer.

Where Python falls down

Paul Prescod recently published an article entitled Why I Promote Python. He deals the obvious telling blows against C, C++, and Perl. For myself, though, I prefer Java, Haskell, or (of course) Nickle to Python for writing most programs these days…

Tayler Nails Tagon

Schlock Mercenary has been a long-time favorite webcomic of mine, as with any right-thinking geek. 7 well-written color sci-fi strips a week, with double panels on Sunday.

META: Long day with Drupal, weblogger.el

I now have a test installation of Drupal CVS top-of-tree installed at home, and have gotten a copy of the FOB database into it, and can work with it. I've even included a version of my custom hacks for my blog's page headers. I'll need to redo it before submitting patches, but this was a key step. I also got weblogger.el to work…


When conditionalized code goes bad

I've finally got a shadow FOB Drupal site up at home so that I can play with the latest Drupal stuff and hopefully improve things around here. The key configuration blunder in my 4-hour setup extravaganza? My new Apache 2 installation didn't have mod_rewrite turned on…

The diagnosis was a pain. See, Drupal has a bunch of rewrites it sticks into its .htaccess file, of all places. These rewrites are necessary to get Drupal to work in most installations. Of course, they're all conditionalized on the installation of mod_rewrite.

META: Lost another one

Tonight's blog entry is gone, courtesy of Firefox and Drupal. Drupal's preview mode doesn't save a copy of the message you're editing around when you leave the page. Firefox wouldn't let me back up in the history for the page I had visited by mistake.

I think it's time to quit blogging in this environment. I need to either get Firefox to put up a text editor for form text dialogs, or just edit offline and paste.

BTW, gterm seems to have a bad bug that causes its "paste" menu option to try to copy from PRIMARY rather than CLIPBOARD. X cut-and-paste suxxors.



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