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It was time tonight to get USB High Speed working on my home office desktop box. I forget why it was time, it just was…

Oh yeah, I remember! There were three reasons:

Metaphor and Magical Thinking

I gave a class lecture the other day in which I gave a little spiel, as I sometimes do, about the dangers of metaphor and analogy as techniques for reasoning about software systems. Some of my students reacted pretty adversely. Certainly, since then any use of metaphor or analogy around them has led to intense ribbing :-). Needless to say, this was not what I intended…

HOWTO: Debugging for Newbies

This is the nth in a series of tutorials I don't have time to write, really. So it will be little more than a sketch. But I'm tired of telling this story in person, so I'd like to point people here first. Here's how to debug…


META: Captchas Repaired

Just a brief apology for the recent failure of the captchas on my blog to display any text. Sad A combination of a system administration screwup and a Drupal captcha module bug produced this effect. I'm sorry—I'll bet that was really disconcerting. Fob


Backups and distributed data

Two rules. (1) Every piece of data you own should have at least one backup, whether you think you need it or not. (2) Every piece of data that you own on a machine that you do not control should be stored encrypted; otherwise you do not own it…

Remember, it's not just the irretrievable data that will be a problem when you lose data. It's also the time lost restoring state that you can recover.

Just read an article about someone who kept their email on a popular webmail site. Their email disappeared without notice, and without being recoverable. 300MB of email.

Busy Day

My day was crazy today. I was up until 5AM this morning with Jamey and Sarah and Jules finishing up a draft of the grant proposal due today. Slept for 2 hours, then came back to give a talk for PSU describing my work to prominent locals, gave a phone job recommendation for a former student, looked at our new hardware for software radio, met with ORSP guy about the proposal, talked to prospectives from a regional college in a roundtable forum, caught up email for the Desktop Dev Conf, revised the proposal, talked to prospective Native American

Cool Piece of Hardware

Check out our SDR wiki. We have version 0 of our high-band software radio, aimed at the 800-900MHz band. Glenn LeBrasseur got it wired today.

I think it looks cool. Fob


On Websnark recently there was a pointer to the fascinating Japanese travel diary webcomic MORESUKINE (which it turns out looks something like モレスキネ in Japanese, BTW—thanks much to gwalla on TypeKey for help with this). Highly recommended.

Intel OLS Linux Essay Contest

Just got word that Intel is sponsoring a Linux essay contest for Ottawa Linux Symposium attendees. You can't win if you don't enter. Fob

META: My blog entries end with the FOB smiley

OK, so I have a new convention.

I've been using "cuts" for my blog entries on FOB. I'm told that this will "cut" down my readership, but I'm trying to be courteous and let the reader decide how interested they are before bombarding them with text.

Since the fact that the article has more beyond the cut is not too obvious from the style, I've been using ellipsis right before the cut to indicate a continuation…



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