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Google Summer of Code winds up again...

Looks like it's about time for the tenth annual Google Summer of Code. This awesome program pays students whose applications are accepted $5500 during the summer to work on open source code with one of about 200 participating organizations. For the last nine years, Portland State University has been one of these organizations, with yours truly as lead Organization Administrator (for the last bunch of those years, with the assistance of David Percy): I'm hoping we can make it year 10! I'm supposed to put in the Organization Application this week.


Finishing my 30 days...

Well, it's now 1 February 2014. That means that my January-long self-enforced abstinence from sugar/sweeteners/carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and various etceteras is now over. Lessons learned:

  • I'm apparently not particularly strongly addicted to anything. I got by fine without all that stuff.

  • I'm apparently not particularly interested in self-denial. I don't intend to try for another month.

  • I suspect that I can only sustain so many good habits at a time. There are some other things I'm going to try for again now.

Finally Starting To Control the Spammers? No

I really want to turn anonymous comments back on. Unfortunately, the spammers still hit me with many new (blocked) accounts per day. I'm pretty sure that if I turned anonymous comments on, even with CAPTCHA, I'd be immediately spammed into the ground.

I am not currently particularly inspired about a solution. It's really frustrating. If anybody has any great ideas, I'd be happy to hear them. Fob


Almost Understands GPS

The new TV series Almost Human deserves a full review. I'll get there eventually. In the meantime, one anecdote… (mild spoiler alert)


HOWTO: Infuse Gin In 36 Hours

Herein, I describe all my "secrets" of infusing off-the-shelf vodka to make gin in 36 hours…


Summer Hardware Project

About 2.5 years ago, during the Open Source Bridge Conference, I was telling some friends about a new plan I had. I wanted to build a little standalone audio processor board around an ARM processor, probably the STM32F4, and then put a LADSPA container on it for effects processing. Fun project…


HOWTO: Installing NuttX on the STM32F4 Discovery board (using Debian Linux)

Last night I installed the NuttX RTOS on a new STM32F4 Discovery board I bought at Mauser a couple of days ago for $15. Of course, I was working from Debian Linux. This would not have been possible without extensive help from the Interwebs. I used too many different references to list most of them here. Instead, I'm just going to tell you how I would do it if I had it to do over. Got to give something back, y'know. Here goes…


The borken side of Linux

Network Manager. PulseAudio. 802.11 PCI cards.

All three of these are Linux things that many people tell me work fine, even great, for them. All three are things where I have had much grief over the last few years… Network Manager works fine, as long as I'm willing to occasionally restart the service, occasionally delete and recreate AP table entries, and generally fiddle with it every time I try to do anything.


REVIEW: Gone Home (spoilers)

My son and I both finished the video game Gone Home in the last couple of days. Well, my boy helped me a bit to finish it.

Why did Ben and I buy Gone Home? It's a good question: the game is not either of our usual style. What it comes down to is that Steam made it available crazy cheap during their Winter Sale, and it got good reviews.

Bottom line: we're both glad we paid a couple of bucks and put in a couple of hours. Ben liked it a bit more than I did.


Busy day at the lab tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is my lab hours at the PSU EPL. I should be ready to start cutting Glass Plate Game tokens in quantity if all goes well, and also to finally be done with the USB connector on Summer Hardware Project. Today I epoxied the little metal feet of the connector down real hard, hopefully without getting any epoxy inside the connector this time. I also did more work with the SVG for Glass Plate Game tokens; I'm close to being able to cut a sheet or so of them at once. Projects march on.



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